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code art OBRBSLED4T5

Demonstration On

limo1: Special Scrum

limo2: Special Ruck & Scrum

limo3: Special Complete

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code art OBRBCONSHI5

Density: high density foam

Dimensions: junior L 69 X ℓ 33 X p 13

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TEE POP UP (With blister)
code art OBRBTPOPUP5

Allows to adapt to all styles of shooting

Height: adjustable

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TEE DELUXE (Avec blister)
code art OBRBTDELUX5

Construction en croix pour une meilleure solidité Le choix du plus grand nombre de joueurs

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Ball Bags
code art OBRBSACBAL5

Capacity: 16 ballons gonflés

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Hybrid Player Bag
code art OBRBSACHYB5

Ideal for junior player or school

Portage: 4 possibilités: Anse, dragonne, bandoulière, en sac à dos

Available Versions: Noir - Bleu marine

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Mega Bag
code art OBRBSACMEG5

Travel bag with wheels Background

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Plastic Bag
code art OBRBTACKB5

Density: mousse haute de qualité supérieure haute densité

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items